FAQ page about recording with Bill Warner - WarnerWorks

How much will it cost to record?

No two projects are alike.  Do you want to record with Nashville's A Team players heard on all the major radio hits in a premier Nashville studio?  We love to make that happen. 
The cost of the project will depend on the amount of songs recorded. We set cost per song budgets, and we make those budgets stick. We welcome all types of projects and recognize that repeat business a wonderful thing

Do I have to come to Nashville to record?

Nashville is arguably at the center of the recording universe at this time.  We are experiencing an unprecedented boom in quality, technology, and creativity.  Some people may want to record in their local area for convenience and cost reasons, but more often than not the results don't achieve a major label sound.

What if I need help finding quality material to record?

We are also affiliated with an active publishing company with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC divisions.  Not only can we assist in finding songs from our own catalogs, but have a hit songwriter on our team.  We also enjoy numerous relationships with many top Nashville publishing companies who are a great source of material and co-writing opportunities.

What if I need help with co-writing?

Not a problem. We have writers that can assist with any level of skill and experience.

Will I own my recording project outright when I've completed it?

Yes, there are two copyrights involved with any recording project, the SR (sound recording) and PA (music publishing).  Since you are paying for recording you will retain the rights to the SR copyright.  The music or song copyrights are a separate issue.

What do I do with my masters once they are finished?  What's is my next step?

Some artists simply want to press up CDs to sell at their live shows and upload to a music aggregator (internet music distributor).  Other artists may want to release their music to secondary market radio, or with ample budget, major market radio.

Does WarnerWorks program tracks?

We also offer complete programmed pop production, or a hybrid combination of both live and programmed production.

Do you offer social media promotion, radio promotion and publicity help?

We partner with a few select firms that can assist in these areas.

Can you assist with CD duplication and CD artwork?

We can also recommend help in these important areas.

What can I expect from working with Bill Warner as a producer?

You can expect a 110% effort, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.  I love to be encouraging and help an artist reach the highest level of performance, and I always like to keep the creative process fun and low stress. You will have a great experience from pre-production until the final master.

We look forward to working with you!